Humorous Horror: Ernest Scared Stupid

It’s that time of year when all the favorite Halloween movies are dug up and dusted off and people watch movies to get a good scare, maybe even a little laugh. While the popular favorites include Halloween, The Nightmare on Elm Street, or Hocus Pocus, my Halloween movie of choice is Ernest Scared Stupid.

Given 5.7 out of 10 stars on the Internet Movie Database, Earnest Scared Stupid is no record-breaking phenomenon of a movie, but is an entertaining and family-friendly one for sure. The 1991 film is humorous, entertaining as heck, and very well may be the best of the Earnest movies. It holds more sentimental value than anything else for me.

Growing up, watching Earnest movies was something I did with my dad, and part of what makes watching movies a good experience is who you watch them with. For me, that person is always my dad. Movies are just our thing and we gladly welcome any reason to hunker down on the couch for a movie. So when Halloween, Christmas, or any holiday rolls around, you can be sure we’re shuffling through DVDs, both old and new deciding what to watch next.



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